Amma's Haus Menu


Kerala Vegetable Stew   Rs. 315

A light flavourful stew of vegetables slow cooked on a low flame in rich & smooth coconut milk

Kerala Chicken Stew   Rs. 375

A light flavourful stew of chicken with subtle hints of cardamom & cloves

Chicken Ghee Roast   Rs. 365

Diced chicken sauteed with red chillies, ghee roasted spices & cashew nuts

Potato Ghee Roast   Rs. 285

Potatoes slow cooked in a rich gravy of ghee roasted spices & cashew nuts

Chettinad Chicken   Rs. 355

A classic Tamilnadu speciality cooked in tomato puree, black pepper and other regional spices

Paneer Gassi   Rs. 345

A lightly spiced mangalorean preparation of paneer cooked in coconut milk & cashew paste, seasoned with finely ground spices

Gaon Chicken Vindaloo   Rs. 365

Boneless chicken simmered in a tomato puree with shallots, ginger garlic paste & red chillies

Kokum Brinjal   Rs. 295

Aubergines slow cooked with tomatoes, kokum & chillies

Amma's Tamarind Curry   Rs. 295

A thick spicy tamarind based curry with mixed vegetables

Varuval Meatballs   Rs. 455

Freshly ground mutton meatballs is slow cooked in thick spicy cashew tomato gravy

Mutton Sukha   Rs. 445

Spicy boneless meat cooked with cracked coriander, curry leaves & coconut

Mushroom Masala   Rs. 325

Kerala style mushrooms cooked with onions, tomatoes & fresh masalas

Mangalorean Lamb Curry   Rs. 445

Succulent morsels of lamb & marrow, cooked in coconut milk & spices

Vegetable Avial   Rs. 295

A medley of vegetables sauteed with freshly ground coconut & seasoned curry leaves

Andhra Potato Korma   Rs. 315

A popular stew simmered with coconut, cashew nuts, mustard seeds & onion

Haus Kokum Curry   Rs. 325

Vegetables cooked in an aromatic coconut gravy & flavoured with kokum

Channa Bhaji   Rs. 285

A spicy chickpea stew with coriander, turmeric & green chillies

Yellow Mango Curry   Rs. 315

A staple among keralites - a popular mango curry with subtle hints of sweet & sour

Fish Gassi   Rs. 465

A classic mangalorean fish curry simmered in creamy coconut milk, cashew paste & freshly ground spices

Gongora Fish   Rs. 475

An Andhra speciality of fresh fish cooked in a sour & tangy gravy of red sorrel leaves

Kerala Moilee Fish   Rs. 465

A popular sweet & spicy coconut milk based curry with an option of fish or prawns

Andhra Chilli Prawns   Rs. 495

A fiery preparation of prawns with peppers & chillies

Goan Prawn Curry   Rs. 495

The traditional aromatic prawn curry with local herbs & spices

Haus Crab Curry   Rs. 495

A flavourful curry of fresh crabs cooked with onions, tomatoes & green chillies

Kerala Moilee Prawn   Rs. 495

A popular sweet & spicy coconut milk based curry