Amma's Haus Menu

Non Veg - Land

Kerala Chicken Stew   Rs. 375

A light flavourful stew of chicken with subtle hints of cardamom & cloves

Chicken Ghee Roast   Rs. 365

Diced chicken sauteed with red chillies, ghee roasted spices & cashew nuts

Chettinad Chicken   Rs. 355

A classic Tamilnadu speciality cooked in tomato puree, black pepper and other regional spices

Gaon Chicken Vindaloo   Rs. 365

Boneless chicken simmered in a tomato puree with shallots, ginger garlic paste & red chillies

Varuval Meatballs   Rs. 455

Freshly ground mutton meatballs is slow cooked in thick spicy cashew tomato gravy

Mutton Sukha   Rs. 445

Spicy boneless meat cooked with cracked coriander, curry leaves & coconut

Mangalorean Lamb Curry   Rs. 445

Succulent morsels of lamb & marrow, cooked in coconut milk & spices