Amma's Haus Menu

Non Veg

Amma's Fried Chicken   ₹315

Crispy succulent pieces of chicken on bone well seasoned with spices & curry leaves

Gunpowder Chicken Wings (6 Pcs)   ₹295

Crunchy spicy wings accompanied with a cream cheese gunpowder dip

Haus Kuttu Parantha   ₹295

Traditional parantha shredded and cooked with chicken, egg, turmeric & green chillies

Andhra Chilli Chicken   ₹315

A classic - diced chicken with julienned peppers & chillies

Mutton Chilli Pepper Fry   ₹355

A dry preparation of tender cubes of mutton with black pepper, coconut & curry leaves

Grilled Tawa Fish   ₹365

A choice of fresh fish of prawns, coated with a spiced semolina mix

Curry Leaf Calamari   ₹345

Crunchy masala calamari tossed with curry leaves